Gary Goldsmith (GG) is arguably one of the best known and most celebrated Recruitment Business Leaders of the modern generation.

As one of the major influencers at SThree PLC GG launched the fastest growing and most innovative technology contracts business, drove the multi-office strategy across the UK and opened up the groups first international offices (and went on to open eight international offices in just four years!)

Gary was responsible for over 60% of Group EBIT at Floatation and was significantly involved in both the sale to Barclays Private Equity (BPE) and the subsequent IPO.

Since then Gary (GG) Goldsmith has advised over 50 recruitment brands and is the Co-Founder of the award-winning Recruitment Directors Lunch Club (RDLC Pirates) - the ultimate networking group for ambitious Recruitment Business Leaders (RBLs).  Read more about the RDLC here.

As an advisor to the recruitment sector Gary is considered the most practical and hands on, and as a result won Recruitment Business Advisor / NED of 2018.

He has a fantastic track record of advising staffing brands and is considered exceptionally creative and innovative, always using latest techniques and tools to deliver and drive excellence.

GG is also great fun and full of energy which makes working with him all the more rewarding.

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